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I found this interesting on so many levels. My first reaction was to wonder why you chose a logarithmic scale. I realize that you stated that it would crush the lower percentages together. But perhaps you should consider that the difference between 3% and 5% of people being interested does not amount to very much, particularly if you take into consideration the margin of error in a poll such as this.

After that, the first thing that captured my attention was the fact that cunnilingus with actually preferred by men more than women. Given your color coding, it was somewhere between 1 and 1 1/2 times more preferred by men. Of course that means it could be preferred by men by a ratio of only 1 1/100 and it would still be in that category, despite the fact that men and women were essentially equally interested. But I would still find that notable. On the other hand, if men were 50% more interested that would raise my eyebrows (among other things)

I could go on and make a number of other comments about things I found interesting, but I'll stop with one more. The fact that fingering was the number one most popular sex act of all surprised me. I suppose that I thought that I was alone in how much of a turn on I find it to be. But apparently I have a lot of company.

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Holy shit. This is a masterpiece.

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A lot of interesting insights to unpack here:

The lack of drop-off in popularity from light to medium bondage is surprising. Did you specify what those entail or leave it to the respondents imagination?

The general pattern of men tending dominant and women strongly tending submissive doesn't apply to sadomasochism– women are more into both giving and receiving pain, other than giving mild pain. Maybe giving pain isn't viewed as inherently dominant, idk.

Women are also more into both giving and receiving worship, and more into receiving worship than being dominant, so that also seems to be viewed as not necessarily D/s.

Violating consent is viewed as way more taboo than rape play, so many people are probably interpreting that as meaning actual consent violation rather than roleplay. Curious then that having consent violated isn't viewed as much less taboo than rapeplay. Not sure what the thinking is there– is the taboo talking about it, or is this victim-blaming?

"Partners fighting over me" is interesting but open to three different interpretations I can think of: the one where they're fighting to impress you but the choice is yours, the one where you're a prize to be won like "the winner of this boxing match gets to fuck her," and the one where the fighting is a pointless display of anger and there's no prize for it.

I also did some more statistical analysis on some of these. For paired kinks like giving/receiving whatever, age gap, D/s, you could calculate the gender ratio the other way– submissive women to dominant men rather than submissive women to submissive men, etc. Here's what I found expressed as women per man:

Master/slave, male dom– 2.59

Non-gratifying pain, female dom– 2.39

Sexual obedience training, male dom– 1.91

Rapeplay, male dom– 1.74

Pain, male dom– 1.73

Slut humiliation– 1.72

Violating consent, male dom– 1.70

Extreme bondage, male dom– 1.68

Light bondage, male dom– 1.64

Non-gratifying pain, male dom– 1.64

Age gap, older man– 1.63

Medium bondage, male dom– 1.62

Pain, female dom– 1.55

Dominant/submissive, male dominant– 1.38

Begging, female dom– 1.32

Sexual worship, female dom– 1.09

Sexual worship, male dom– 1.01

Begging, male dom– .98

Exhibitionism, female– .89

Exhibitonism, male– .86

Medium bondage, female dom– .73

Light bondage, female dom– .72

Extreme bondage, female dom– .69

Violating consent, female dom– .63

Rapeplay, female dom– .61

Sexual obedience training, female dom– .61

Small penis humiliation– .6

Dominant/submissive, female dominant– .57

Master/slave, female dom– .52

Age gap, older woman– .34

So I guess the lesson is, be dominant, and if you can't then be into younger partners, especially if you're female, or pain if you're male, or exhibitionism if you're female.

Of course if you wanted to maximize your sex-getting abilities, you'd care about both the gender ratio and overall popularity of your kinks, so you can calculate a "fuckability quotient" by multiplying the gender ratio (reverse this for women to get a number greater than one) by the percentage of opposite-sex people who are into it. For men the top FQ scores end up being:

Sexual obedience training, male dom– 108.87

Hair pulling– 97.971

Light bondage, male dom– 97.416

Medium bondage, male dom– 96.228

Master/slave, male dom– 95.571

Sexual frustration– 95.172

Cunnilingus– 93.93

Struggling 92

Light spanking– 87.23

Pain, male dom– 86.327

D/s, male dom– 84.318

Blowjobs– 81.526

Or if you wanted to emphasize the gender ratio more, you could multiply the overall popularity by the square of the gender ratio. For men, the top FQ2 scores go to:

Master/slave– 248

Sexual obedience training– 208

Guns– 175

Blood– 166

Being dominant– 161

Light bondage– 160

Struggling 154

Pain– 149

Choking 147

Violating consent– 128

Sexual frustration– 126

Hair pulling– 125

For men, sexual obedience training seems to be the overall winner across these three metrics. Obviously purely homosexual respondents throw all of this off a bit, but I'm assuming not by too much. Haven't run the numbers for women yet.

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yo you gotta use different colors for male/female ratio. this red-green-purple color scheme is like a humiliation task for mildly color-blind dudes.

very fascinating!

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I do not see muscle fetish. For example I love women with muscle and given how popular fit women instantly get on instagram it is a turn on for many men. Or am I missing something under acronyms?

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