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My November 3 Response:

Totally agree with your initial statement. "True" might be the key word here. I think your intuition is truer than the responses. I'm a pretty secure man, but even I KNOW that my happy place is being disconnected. Does that mean I don't want commitment? I guess that all depends on our definition of commitment and whether I trust the person I'm making commitments with, doesn't it?

Aella wrote:

"I’m deeply amused by how many cis males reported ‘secure’ as their attachment style - whether this is actually true, or whether cis males are experiencing some disproportionate social pressure to think of their relationship style as ‘fine’, both of those theories are fascinating. *Cis males do report lower anxiety across the board* - in my survey, 25.2% of cis males reported having anxiety (in a separate question), compared to 54.7% of cis females, 50.9% of transwomen, 70.2% of transmen, 50% of amab enbies and 69.9% of afab enbies. I know ‘having anxiety’ is not the same thing as anxious-attachment, but it might point in an interesting direction - cis men, or at least the ones taking my survey, seem to report being chiller."

My February 8 Response:

The comment about "disproportionate social pressure" has a hint of grammatical bias. Farbeit for me to dictate methodology and scientific rigor. I know you don't attempt to conform your studies to standard processes overmuch. But, as you say, your amusement is showing. As for what you feel is amusing, I think the male mind has a tendency to lock step with the male-pack. This male society is very hierarchical and there is security within hierarchies. I'm sure some 19th or 20th century social scientist, mystic or Freud disciple has said virtually the same thing.

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